Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Eating for pleasure

Food. An ever-present and precious commodity. Yet, how often do we stop and think about where our food comes from? Do we know the land where our vegetables and fruits were grown? Do we know the farmers who grew them? Do we know where that great steak came from that we enjoyed last week? How were the animals treated before they ended up sliced up and packaged on a plate of styrofoam and wrapped in plastic? Five years ago I wouldn't have asked these questions. But, now I must. Ignorant as I was, I had no excuse. But, now it's hard to turn back. I care about the earth God has given us to live in and I want to do my best to sustain it and to treat it with care. I feel much better about eating foods that come from local farmers. I feel good about buying my meat from friends or local farmers who treat and feed their animals well. I'm not trying to step up on my soap box and preach; merely refer you to a few short pieces that may make you think about what you eat.

The following is a short piece by one of my favorite modern day thinkers, Mr. Wendell Berry. It's entitled "The Pleasures of Eating".


Here's a clever little production that gives an introduction to some of the things that can go on in factory farms (and DO every day). http://www.themeatrix.com/

And here's a link to finding stores and restaurants near you that promote sustainable farming and agriculture.




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