Wednesday, May 10, 2006

When the sunshine doesn't feel warm deep down

When the sunshine doesn't feel warm deep down......

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you just can't face the world? When you feel like you're all alone even though you know deep, deep down that you're not? Do you ever want to give up? Give in? Surrender? Throw in the towel? Admit defeat? Admit you're helpless? Hopeless? Scared? Lost? Guilty?

I guess I've had one too many of those days lately, but I have to keep turning to my Savior, the only true hope in the world. I wrote this poem on a dark day. A day when the interval between life and death was seeming impossible to enjoy. But God.

Looking out.
I see the sun.
But I can't feel it.

What is hope?
Who brings the warmth?
I know only ONE.

Lost in thought.
Dangerous thoughts.
Why can't I stop?

Help me Lord.
Look down on me.
And smile today please.

The flowers
Praise your name now.
Why can't I too?

Help me Lord.
Look down on me.
And give me Jesus.

Today I can't
I just can't act.
I'm lost in it all.

I'm tired now.
I need your strength.
I'm just a girl.

Fix my gaze
Upon the heavens.
Your strength is there.

Your strength alone
Can pick me up.
Save me again


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