Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sunrise with Dominic

Lately, my son, who is just six months old, has been waking up before I'm ready to get up and tend to him. Let's just say that some mornings, I've been less than happy to hear his squeals coming from the next room. I'm TIRED! But, after the pattern set in, I realized that I could find joy in these sunrises with my son. I could find joy in the midst of my sleepiness. And so I composed a poem for my little Dominic. Here it is:

Sunrise with Dominic

The time to sleep is over.
My day starts with a sleepy yawn, a hope for more sleep...
And then surrender.

The coos and squeals are getting louder and I know it's time.
A quick peek at the clock, a splash of cold water on my face,
Sunrise with Dominic.

A sweet smile greets me followed by kicking and squealing.
Good morning my Sunshine, my Dominic Child,
Good morning to you.

Six months old and you've got me wrapped around
That sweet chubby little finger.
And I'm so glad you're mine.

The memorized steps bring me to the kitchen; I start the coffee and then...
Kisses and hugs from you wake me up as
The coffee pot gurgles.

I open the blinds to see the sunshine beginning to show herself.
The day looks good from here
With Dom on my hip.

A quick sip of joe and then we retreat to the sofa
Where you get your breakfast
And I watch you and smile.

Dominic George, if only you knew how marvelous you are.
Perfectly formed and perfectly beautiful.
God's little present to me.

Thank you for waking me up in more ways than one.
Thank you for all your unconditional love.
You are my angel.

May we enjoy many more sunrises together in this life
As I teach you who causes the sun to rise every morning.
He is Jehovah.

He provides when we feel we are empty and helpless
He causes us to see our faults and rejoice in His perfection.
He is my all in all.

Sunrise with Dominic; the Son's shining bright.
My angel beside me as we wake up together.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you this morning and always.



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